What types of fence do you install?

Vinyl, aluminum and rough sawn western red cedar

How long has your company been in business?

Custom Wood & Vinyl Fencing has been in business for 43 years and our office is located at 12904 Sibley in Riverview. Feel free to stop by and see our products as there are displays outside.

Who is the manufacturer of your fencing?

We install vinyl and aluminum products made my Digger Specialties, Inc.  To learn more about DSI, visit their website https://www.diggerspecialties.com/

Do you offer a warranty?

Both vinyl and aluminum are covered under a lifetime manufacturers’ defect warranty and 5 years for labor. Cedar has a two year labor warranty.

Do you install porch railing?

Yes, we offer vinyl and aluminum railing.

How long does a fence install take from start to finish?

The complete install can take as little as two days or up to a full week depending how much fence is being installed, digging conditions in your yard and weather. Some cities require a post hole inspection and that can add a few days to the install time.

How long is the wait time if I decide to hire your company?

The wait time varies depending on the time of year. At the beginning of the season, it could be as little as a week. As the season moves forward, the wait time can be up to 8+ weeks when our schedule is very full.

Who applies for the permit and calls MISS DIG?

The contractor you hire should always do both since they are responsible for following city codes for fence install as well as using caution near underground utilities during digging. On the day install begins you will be given the original permit to be placed on the front window of your home. Once the install is complete, we will call for final inspection. The permit is yours to keep for your records.

Do you repair fences?

We only repair vinyl fencing we installed and DSI products. The reason is: all vinyl and aluminum fencing has different specifications for each manufacturer and the parts are not universal.